When trying to decide which of the Crystal Cruises voyages I wanted to be on, the fact that one of those routes would take me to the Faroe Islands was a deal breaker. This means we were going to spend one day in Klaskvik, Faroe Islands’ second largest town city, with around 5,000 inhabitants. Even though in cruise terms, one day means docking early morning and departing early evening, this was a milestone trip. Being on Faroese soil was too big a deal for me, since I always wanted to find out for myself what to do on the Faroe Islands and Klaskvik was a good starting point.

What To Do In Klaskvik Faroe Islands

The day we finally arrived in Klaskvik, the ship docked in the main port, only 1km away from the town. I rushed to my stateroom balcony in complete awe at the scenery. It was cloudy and we were in a bay, surrounded by tall, triangular-shaped green mountains. On one side, there was a small ultra-modern apartment block, above and below which there were several small cascades formed by the rainwater. The view was quite amazing.

What To Do On The Faroe Islands What To Do On The Faroe Islands

I quickly went out and took the shuttle bus to the small city centre. The wooden houses all around Klaskvik were colourful and very austere. They reminded me a lot of the architecture I had seen in Iceland and the Norwegian countryside.

As I got off the bus, I realised there wasn’t much in terms of monuments and landmarks. Klaskvik itself and the surrounding landscape were the main draws. Many people go on hiking tours in the area or whale and puffin watching. But I didn’t have enough time for the former and had just done the latter in Iceland. So all I was going to do was hang around the streets of Klaskvik.

Around the shuttle bus stop there were a few small shops, a small supermarket, a tiny petrol/gas station and a cafe. I was craving for a coffee, but as soon as I saw the price – around 6USD for a cappuccino – I decided I didn’t need one at that point. Yes, when you have everything included on a cruise, it’s easy to become stingy. 🙂

What To Do On The Faroe Islands What To Do In Klaskvik Faroe Islands

Nearby there was a small but busy port, with probably hundreds of fishing boats. The view was also stunning: on the foreground, there were many small white boats, while in the background there was a hill with several wooden houses. Both blended seamlessly, creating a cascading effect.

What To Do In Klaskvik Faroe Islands What To Do On The Faroe Islands

I stopped to take pictures, mounted my tripod and started clicking away, sometimes trying to protect myself and the camera from the persistent drizzle. After a while, I found a shortcut that took me to the other side of the bay. I got to an even quieter street with hardly any traffic. For someone who is used to crazy crowds in London, being in Klaskvik was a refreshing change of scenery – and slightly strange. I came across some passengers from the ship and a couple explained to me how to get to the small museum.

An elderly local man started talking to me and suggested I went uphill to enjoy the view – very nice of him, I must say. But soon it started raining again and I had to seek refuge in a nearby bookstore-cum-cafe. They also sold coffee table books, postcards and souvenirs. The actual “cafe” was a large room in the back of the bookstore with a few wooden tables and one thermal bottle – quite a change from the first cafe I saw, but I couldn’t say I was “spoilt for choice”. When I was paying, I had a chat with the attendant, who was extremely pleasant.

What To Do On The Faroe Islands

On the way back to the ship, I stopped to take some more pictures of the scenery. After all, it’s not every day I can visit such a remote part of the world and enjoy such a different scenery. Those cascades were another reason for me to stay a bit longer.

What To Do On The Faroe Islands

Even though it was a short trip, Klaskvik was a great introduction to the area. Pity I didn’t make it to the capital Tórshavn, but I now have a good reason to return. And I still want to find out what else there is to see and to do in the rest of the Faroe Islands, apart from taking in the beautiful scenery.

What about you, what do you know about the Faroe Islands? Tell me in the comments!


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12 Responses

  1. Danik

    The FAroe Islands are so near to me and I havent got there yet. I love visiting Nordic islands and countries and one day, I will get up there and hike (plus see all those sheep!) 😀

  2. Tifanee

    What a cute town! I love how green everything is. I live in a city and what I dislike about it is how there’s not much greenery. Trees, grass, nature. I loved all the pictures. I had not heard about Klaskvik before reading your post and see it’s close to Iceland which is on my bucket list! Do you think it would be possible to do a trip that includes Iceland and Klaskvik?

    • Pedro

      Hi Tifanee, it’s definitely possible. There are flights from Reykjavik to the capital Tornshavn. Klaskvik is just 50 miles from there.

    • Pedro

      Hi Guy, that’s true, there’s a lot of resemblance between both places. I’d love to visit the Faroe Islands properly.

  3. Anne

    Where else did you visit on the tour as I’ve not heard of cruises to the Faroe islands? Would love to do something like this as it is really getting away from it all

  4. Rachel Elizabeth

    I’ve always wanted to go to Faroe Islands! I had no idea the Klaskvik is only 5000 and the second biggest city too! And I cracked up at the $6 cappuccino. I would’ve done the same exact thing.

  5. Tami

    I’d love to see the Faroe Islands. Your pictures paint an idyllic place. (By the way I love the photo with the tilt shift effect!)

  6. Mimi & Mitch

    We always wanted to go to the Faroe Islands. Can’t wait to plan a trip there. As we know nothing about the place, this sounds like a good idea of a place to stop by!

  7. Suruchi

    Greenery, mountains, lakes, floating clouds are my weakness and they always pull me towards them. Klaskvik looks beautiful and exactly my type of place. Honestly, I had never heard about this place before this post. Your pictures are beautiful.


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