Milos island is one of the most beautiful of all Cyclades. Far from being among the most popular Greek islands, this charming place offers a rich history and some incredible landscapes. There are a plethora of things to do in Milos, going from old mines to picturesque beaches and villages. I visited the island during my Aegean cruise aboard one of Celestyal Cruises ships. Sadly, my stay was too short for my liking, but long enough for me to want to return and discover other places to visit in Milos. But while the next trip is just a plan, I want to share with you some of the best attractions in Milos Island Greece.

Things To Do In Milos Greece

Best Things To Do In Milos Greece

Swim and Sunbathe in The Best Beaches in Milos

If you want to go for a swim or just to sunbathe and top up your tan, you’re in the right place. There are many beautiful beaches all around Milos, but rather than long sandy beaches, they’re smaller and some are quite secluded, but there’s no doubt that they’re pretty, each in their particular way. If that’s your thing, some beaches in Milos have a “regular” area and another for naturists. Here is a selection of the best beaches in Milos, according to… me!

Firiplaka: Located in the south of the island, before descending to Firiplaka beach you should just take in the stunning views from the top of the cliff. The beach is narrow and has a mix of sand and pebbles with the pink and yellow cliffs as a backdrop. Part of the beach is used by naturists.

Firopotamos: This is a 100-metre long beach located in a fishing village of the same name. As with many Milos fishing villages, Firopotamos has small whitewashed houses with blue doors and a rocky background, making this one of the prettiest beaches in Milos.

Sarakíniko: Sarakíniko beach is one of the best places to visit in Milos and one of the island’s main postcards, making it as popular as it can be. With a peculiar lunar landscape of white rocks eroded by the sea, you will probably just sunbathe and cliff jump from one of the tall natural arches.

What To Do In Milos Greece

Agia Kyriaki: Located just a few miles from Plaka, the beach has sparkling blue waters, rugged hills on each side and sand with fine pebbles. There are also some small trees for shade and space for parking nearby.

Discover The Catacombs of Tripiti

The Catacombs of Milos, located in the tiny village of Tripiti, are among the most spiritual sites in the whole of Greece. There are 126 carved arched tombs and are among the most ancient Christian monuments.

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Go On a Boat Tour

What To Do In Milos Greece

The best way to explore Milos is by boat – there are options to suit every taste and pocket!

While many of Milos attractions are located inland, many of the more picturesque villages are located by the sea. So going on a boat tour is a good idea, since can have a feel for what the island has to offer and see some seaside villages, interesting rock formations and some of the best beaches in Milos. Besides, the water is so blue and clear that I’m sure you’ll want to jump in and have a swim in the sea. Make sure to spot “the bear”, a large rock that resembles a giant bear jumping out of the sea.

See The Venus of Milos Site

The famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, built around 120BC, was found by a farmer in 1820 between Tripiti and the catacombs. Today, it is one of the most photographed pieces in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. You can visit the site and the nearby ancient theatre, with a capacity of around 700 spectators.

Visit Some Pretty Villages and Towns

Milos has several small villages and towns spread all around the coast and inland. Once on the island, I highly recommend a visit to some of these beautiful and quaint villages, as they are charming and undeniably Greek. To visit some of these villages, it is better to arrive from the sea, since the view from the water only makes them more stunning. Here are some of the villages that I like the most and think you shouldn’t leave Milos without a visit.

Places To Visit In Milos Greece

The fishing village of Klima is one of the best places to visit in Milos

Klima: This tiny fishermen settlement is the most picturesque village in Milos, formed by several fishing boat shelters called sirmata with colourful doors. The best way to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness is from the sea.

Adamas: Unless you fly to Milos, there’s no way to avoid Adamas, since all ferry services arrive and depart from here. As the largest town in Milos, Adamas has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation, cafes, bars and restaurants, aside from being the island’s public transport hub. If you’re looking for convenience definitely the best place to stay in Milos.

Places To Visit In Milos Greece

Sunset in Pollonia, Milos

Pollonia: A small but popular seaside town with a beautiful marina, many good restaurants serving Greek and international cuisine and several good accommodation options. In summer there are many cultural events by the beach, making it a good place to meet local people. Pollonia is a very good place to stay if you want to visit the beaches in the north of the island.

Places To Visit In Milos Greece

Plaka, the capital of Milos, by night

Plaka: The island capital is the quintessential Greek town and a visit here is among the best things to do in Milos. Located on a hilltop, it offers amazing views of the island, the Aegean and unforgettable sunsets. Despite being an important place, it is quite a compact town with many narrow cobbled streets, shops selling beachwear, summer outfits, souvenirs and designer decoration pieces. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Museum and, in nearby Tripiti, you can see the catacombs and the ancient theatre.

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Visit the Old Paliorema Sulphur Mines

The island of Milos an abundance of mineral deposits including sulphur and the best way to see the old Paliorema sulphur mines is by boat. The site was abandoned in the 1960s and is not exactly a pretty site, but an interesting part of the island’s modern history. You will see abandoned buildings, rails and machinery, remnants of an important part of the island’s industrial history.

I must confess that I didn’t know what to do in Milos before this trip, but it was definitely the best surprise on this cruise, along with Samos, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it after my next trip to the island later this year, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I travelled to Milos as a guest of Discover GreeceAegean Airlines and Celestyal Cruises, but all opinions – and long sentences – are my own.

Have you been to Milos? Share with us your best tips!


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