Hi there! So that time has come again, when I have to start packing for another trip. Only that this trip is slightly more complex than the others. I’m about to embark on a Scandinavia/North Sea trip that will involve culture, adventure and luxury – well, all that the blog is about, really. 🙂

I’ll start the trip in Oslo, my favourite Scandinavian capital. I’ve been travelling there for over a decade and, strangely enough, never wrote about it. Oh, well, that’s about to change. I’ve been asked before that to see or what to do in Oslo in summer. The truth is that the city is fairly compact, but it has enough to keep you busy for a few days.

What to see in Oslo in summer - Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park – Photo: @travelwithpedro

This time, after I check-in at the Scandic Victoria Hotel, I’ll explore Vigeland Park for its fantastic sculptures depicting “normal” people and their (our) emotions, Oslo Opera House, have a scream at Munch Museum and explore the harbourside.

What to see in Oslo in summerWhat to see in Oslo in summer - Crystal Symphony

In Oslo, I’ll be joining luxury cruise ship Crystal Symphony, my home for the following ten days. Crystal Cruises is one of the best luxury cruise lines in the world and was chosen “World’s Best Luxury Cruise Line” by the American Conde Nast Traveler magazine many years in a row.

My first stop with the ship will be Stavanger, where we will enjoy the best of Norway’s nature, including the fjords, followed by Flåm, for more fjords.

What To Do in Oslo in Summer

From there we will visit Lerwick, in the Scottish Shetland Islands, followed by Faroe Islands the day after. I’m really looking forward to photographing the natural scenery on these islands, and I do hope to see a lot of puffins, those cute birds with big triangular beaks, so common in the North Sea.

What to see in Oslo in summerWhat to see in Oslo in summer - Iceland Great Geyser

Winter visit to the Great Geyser, part of Iceland’s Golden Circle – Photo: @travelwithpedro

Last but not least, we will spend two days in Reykjavik, Iceland. It’ll be my second time in the “Land of Fire“, so I may just skip places like the “Blue Lagoon”. Instead, I’ll go whale watching with Special Tours and do a tour of the “Golden Circle”, which includes the Gulfoss Falls and the great geysers.

   Before returning to London, our last stop will be at the tiny island of Heimaey in Iceland, not far from Reykjavik. Right, I’ve read a lot about the island but still can’t decide why it’s on the ship’s itinerary. Surely, it must be another of nature’s spectacles, especially having a volcano that erupted only 40 years ago. To me, that already makes it an exciting place to visit.

Last, but not least, this will be my first time experiencing the “midnight sun” – how will I cope? How would you cope? Then join me on this trip on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, to see this adventure first-hand. Looking forward to having you onboard!

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