In this post, I will share with you a Perth itinerary with details of what to do in the city in 2 days. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and with it’s roughly 2 million suburbanites the fourth most popular city in the country.

Since coming to Australia in 2014, I visited the city many times. Initially, I didn’t know about the things to do in Perth, especially touristy stuff. While most metropolitan cities have high buildings to house as many people close to the CBD as they can, Australia seems to go a different way. The houses and suburbs are mostly single-storey houses built for one family and stretch out to take up as much space as they can. Driving from one part of the city to the other can take an hour, traffic jams not included.

But this year, I wanted to see Perth from a different angle and decided to move in with a friend of mine for 2 days. She was living in Fremantle, one of the suburbs of Perth famous for its culture and art. Some call it the hippy area of Perth.

The easiest way to get around the CBD is using their free bus service, The CAT. Yes, you read it right: a free bus! As an ex-backpacker, I loved the fact of getting something for free. The other option for transportation is the train. The smart rider ticket is easy to use and will calculate your fares at the end of the day. It’s a tap and go system and great for travellers, because you don’t have to calculate or plan where you go.

Perth Itinerary: What To Do In Perth in 2 Days

Day 1

Cottesloe Beach is among locals’ favourite places to go sunbathing, play some beach volleyball or take out the surfboard to ride the waves. Many cafes along the way are offering breakfast, but the Indiana Cottesloe Beach is one of the most famous (and expensive).

From there we caught the train from Grand Street to Perth Central station. Visiting the Art  Gallery, the Perth Cultural Centre and the Western Australia Museum can take all day, so it is a good idea to decide what you want to do before you go. We went to see one of the free Art exhibition and it was a great way to see some local and aboriginal art.

If you walk towards the “cactus”, you will find the information centre. Perth has many festivals and events all year around, so make sure to get some info.

We grabbed a map for the CAT bus and made our way towards Elisabeth Quay, the new tourist hotspot for boat tours, cafes and art. Instead of walking along the road, we went straight towards the water. You can walk through the typical shopping complexes that bring you straight to London Court, a small street with typical old English charm and street performance artist playing the Harry Potter soundtrack.

Elisabeth Quay is one of the places to catch a boat to see more of the Swan River or catch a ferry to go on a trip towards Rottnest Island. If you have time, I can only advice you to go for at least a day to explore the island. Rent a bike to drive around the island, snorkel and take a cute Quokka selfie are only a couple of things to do on Rottnest Island.

But Elisabeth Quay has more to offer. With a lot of space and a reputation for culture, you might find yourself surrounded by a festival or art exhibition.

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We finished our first day in Perth by having dinner in Fremantle. This suburb has many things to offer, like it’s architecture or culinary diversity. If you not sure about where to eat, try out the Little Creatures Fremantle Brewery.

Perth Itinerary - What to Do in Perth in 2 Days

Day 2

One of the best places to visit in Perth is the Fremantle Market. That’s the best place to start your day every Saturday and Sunday, and that’s what we did. After having breakfast in one of the many cafes in this area, we went to see the Fremantle Prison. We took one of the tours to see the inside and I must say, I wouldn’t have liked to be a prisoner back in the days.

Perth Itinerary - Things To Do In Perth

Fremantle Prison – Credit: Natalie Maguire (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After long walks around Perth, I was quite happy to sit in the CAT for a while. Instead of just walking everywhere, you can catch different buses to see more of the city. Hop on and off as much as you want (or just relax on the bus as I did).

One of those buses stops at Kings Park, a must see when in Perth. I would advise you to go in the afternoon or when it’s not as hot, because you will be doing a lot of walking. Don’t forget to bring some lunch/dinner and start exploring the beautiful green oasis next to the Swan River. Many locals spend all day relaxing in the park. It is a great place to see Perth from a different angle. If you have time, come here at night and see the city lighten up.

We ended our day at a Perth high-end Casino, The Crown. While for most people gambling is something bad, it is like a local tradition in Australia. The Casino has many places to eat and you can spend hours just walking around staring at the light and listening to the sounds of the machines going off all around you. Coming from a country, where most casinos are scabby little backyard sheds, going into the Crown was an eye-opener.

Any Other Things To Do In Perth?

As you can imagine, it’s hard to include all the places to visit in Perth in a 2-day itinerary. But in case you have some more time, you can also include in your Perth itinerary:

  • The Perth Zoo is on the other side of the Swan River, but still close to the CBD.
  • Take a walk around Northbridge, the Asian suburb of Perth.
  • Visit the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle.

And there is still so much more! Have you ever been to Perth? Which other places would you include?

The Author: Rebecca is a writer, photographer and travel blogger from a small town in Germany. Since 2014 she is living in Australia and tries to help travellers from all around the world to enjoy this beautiful country. Every year she and her partner travel across Australia or explore other countries overseas. Follow her on KanguruAdventure for more information about Australia and backpacking around Down Under. 


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