Where to try pintxos in San Sebastian

Pintxos in one of the many bars in San Sebastián

San Sebastián, despite its compact size, is a real giant when it comes to food. As I mentioned on my previous post, it has a large number of Michelin starred restaurants. Together with Paris, it is the only city in the world with a trio of 3-Michelin-star restaurants.

Where to try pintxos in San Sebastián

But to enjoy good food in the city you don’t need to pay €300 for a meal for two. The city abounds with bars and restaurants serving pintxos, the outrageously tasty Basque style tapas. They are small amounts of (generally) gourmet food on top of small bread slices.

Where to try pintxos in San Sebastián

A good way to explore the Old Quarter is going from bar to bar tasting different types and varieties. That alone would make for a good meal, washed down with a good local cider or beer.

Where to try pintxos in San Sebastián Where to try pintxos in San Sebastián

I visited a couple of bars to taste some and had the typical local experience: standing by the bar, napkins left on the floor, and suffering the huge dilemma that was choosing which pintxos to have. Should I have the one with Serrano ham, the one with king prawns or the one with goat’s cheese? Really hard choices to make! You can see from the pictures it’s difficult to find out what are the best ones, so the only way is to taste them all.

Where to try pintxos in San Sebastián

With prices ranging from €1.50 to €4 depending on the type and the bar, they will give you a great taste of the local cuisine and won’t break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Buen provecho!

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