Greece is considered to be a travel classic, and rightly so. The reasons why lie in the inherent advantage of the country. It is strategically placed in the Mediterranean, enjoying gorgeous, whimsical shores in its geographical majority, and is on the border between the East and the West world. It bathes in the mild Mediterranean climate that is never in crisis. It is made up of more than 200 islands, each being one of a kind apart from its mainlands that are full of diverse and unique landscapes on their own.

Why Travel To Greece

It is blessed with fertile soil, which has fed its people for generations and generations, resulting in tradition in exceptional gastronomy. A destination so diverse it will amaze you. Whether is a romantic hideout, carefree family holidays, or vacation to get in touch with nature, Greece can deliver. And then some.

Romance coupled with magical sunsets in Santorini:

Why Travel To Greece

Santorini is a Mediterranean mecca of romance. An enchanting place, a crescent-shaped island that is bids the lava dome of Nea Kammeni good morning and good night, perennially. Even linked to the myth of Atlantis, the island of Santorini exudes an air of mystery about it which is inextricably linked to romance. The inhabited part of Santorini is located at the top of the Caldera which rises 400m above the sea, with the clifftop settlements of Fira and Oia being the most popular with visitors. It is said that Santorini boasts one of the most phenomenal sunsets in the world. The southernmost settlement of Santorini, Akrotiri, combines absolute privacy and astonishing visuals which will enamour visitors. Such an experience is the case of Astarte Suites, the ultimate romantic hideaway in Santorini.

Why Travel To Greece

Carefree, family friendly holidays in Corfu:

Why Travel To Greece

The ‘Lady’ of the Ionian sea, on the left side of the Greek mainland, is Corfu island. Riveting landmarks, stunning shores and sensational experiences await family travellers. The shallow water, blue flag awarded, golden beach of Lefkimmi in Ag. Petros and specifically the family friendly resort of Mayor Capo Di Corfu allows for families to enjoy an incredible, integrated holiday experience.

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Why Travel To Greece

Set amidst lush green gardens, it features many children friendly facilities including a kids club with suitable activities, a kids-designated swimming pool, exciting water slides, a playground, babysitting & watersports services; children are sure to have the time of their lives, while adults can indulge in some much needed quality down time.

Why Travel To Greece

All the above, with a nature twist in Thassos:

Why Travel To Greece

The emerald island of the Aegean, and specifically the North Aegean is where green landscapes pour right down to the sea. Thassos island is a quiet place, able to offer the visitor a multitude of different experiences! Families can enjoy togetherness while couples can be embraced in discrete yet attentive hospitality in Aelia Villa, in a luxury holiday apartment for two. Almost literally on the beach, the cobalt blue sea views will instill a sense of rejuvenation without lifting a finger, while the more adventurous can pursue a variety of activities such as pilates on the beach, scuba diving, or a sailing excursion.

Why Travel To Greece Why Travel To Greece

However, the island is also well structured for bicycling, mountain biking and hiking. An absolute must is a visit to the unique Giola lagoon, and additionally, in Thassos there is an element of agritourism that focuses around olives, olive oil and honey production, that eco-tourists can discover up close and personal.

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