After several trips to Tbilisi over the years, I can say I know the city’s foodie scene pretty well. The city has several interesting restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. But truth be said, the vast majority of restaurants in the city serve Georgian food. So, just to help you find the best places, I’ll share with you some of the best places, or where to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia.

One thing to bear in mind is that, despite Georgia’s famous hospitality, restaurant service varies between slow and painfully slow. Having said that, food quality and flavour vary between very good and amazing.

Where To Eat in Tbilisi, Georgia


This restaurant, located bang on Rustaveli Avenue, not far from the metro station, is an all-time favourite. It serves Georgian and international cuisine and is decorated in Italianate style – Marco Polo, capice? It’s fairly quiet during the day and livelier in the evening. I highly recommend taking one of the tables by the window, which is perfect if you want to watch life go by.


The coolest hotel in Tbilisi, “where Georgian hospitality meets industrial chic”, also has a very cool restaurant. Resembling an old country house kitchen, the restaurant is tastefully decorated and serves international cuisine, with an emphasis on Italian.

Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

Even though this is the top hotel in Tbilisi by many standards, prices at The Kitchen are very decent. I had a two-course dinner with a glass of red wine for around 25USD. Not bad at all, for what you get.


This restaurant located in an old decaying mansion in Tbilisi’s historical district exudes 19th-Century character. The place is very quiet and feels intimate, with cool old home decoration and balcony sitting. The menu has a mix of traditional Georgian dishes with some more elaborated ones.


In the heart of Old Tbilisi and overlooking Metekhi church, Samikitno is one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi, serving delicious food at very low prices. This budget restaurant is always packed with locals and tourists alike, so sometimes it’s hard to get a table. This is THE place to try some khinkali, a traditional Georgian dumpling. Service can be slow, but any wait is worth the price AND the food.

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi Georgia

Samikitno offers deliciously affordable food and you can see your khachapuri being made in the open kitchen

This is THE place to try some khachapuri adjaruli, one of the most traditional of Georgian dishes, and a bear for as low as 6USD.


Places To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

This restaurant is situated on Erekle II Street, one of the most beautiful in Old Tbilisi. It has outside seating (highly recommended) but the interior is also very nice. Another restaurant serving good Georgian food and wine that is a bit more expensive overall. Here I tried some delicious mchadi with a glass of local red wine for a mere 8USD.


Tifliso is a Georgian restaurant right on Shardeni street. The restaurant itself has a mix of traditional Georgian decoration with some modern touches. It’s a big place and good if you’re travelling with a group.

The food quality is fantastic and prices are very friendly.


Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

This small restaurant near Tavisoplebis Moedani (Freedom Square) is very unpretentious, with an improvised decoration (hand-drawings on the wall). It’s probably the only Korean restaurant in the whole of Tbilisi and the food is good.


Dinehall is one of the newest additions to the Tbilisi restaurant scene. As you come in, you will be greeted by a smartly dressed host/ess, who will ask if you want the restaurant (to the right) or the cafe (to the left). It’s a luxury restaurant serving international and Georgian cuisine, good service, beautiful modern design and great coffee.

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi Georgia

It’s one of the pricier places in town, but I highly recommend it. It’s located on the main avenue, near the theatre and some of the main museums in Tbilisi.


Also located on Erekle II Street, Pastorali is a traditional Georgian restaurant with a large external sitting area. The restaurant interior feels very homely, with a cool old home atmosphere. Food is really good and affordable. Try their kupati (smoked pork sausage) with a few glasses of wine and enjoy this delicious dish and the place’s atmosphere.

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi Georgia


This restaurant is located right in the baths district, overlooking the brick domes. The menu has pizzas, meat and a few Georgian dishes. I recommend sitting upstairs by the window, to enjoy the views over Abano Square, with the picturesque domes of the bathhouses.

Here I had a small pizza with a beer for 7USD. Totally worth it!


This is an artsy cafe located about 10 minutes’ walk, north of Rustaveli metro station in a very quiet residential area. Just like in Old Tbilisi, there are some old houses in desperate need of renovation, but absolutely beautiful.

Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

The cafe itself is quiet, offers very good coffee and some killer cakes. The space, like many others I’ve recommended so far, is decorated like an old artsy house and combines colours, textures and old furniture.


Unlike most Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi, Sakhachapure #1 is situated in a large, airy and modern space with large and small tables. The menu consists mostly of Georgian dishes and the quality is really good. Price-wise it’s fairly inexpensive, but drinks are a bit pricier than other places.

The location is perfect, just off Rustaveli Avenue, near Freedom Square metro station.


This is a very cool place to hang out on Shardeni Street, the main party street in Tbilisi, right in the historic part of town. As the name itself says, Aladdin is a place to chill while smoking a shisha (or nargile, hookah) or have a glass of wine while watching people around the small piazza.

Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff is quite friendly and prices are decent.


The name of this cafe says it all: it’s located at the foot of Narikhala hill, just below the fortress and offers gorgeous views over Tbilisi. So even though you’ll have to climb 144 steps, it will be totally worth it – this is one of my favourite places to eat in Tbilisi!

Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

Beside the great food and atmosphere, 144 Stairs Cafe offers great views over Tbilisi.

They offer winter garden/conservatory sitting as well as internal sitting. The restaurant interior is beautiful, colourful and very artsy. They serve a variety of modern international dishes and a have a good selection of salads and desserts.


Tsangarala is another place to drink in Tbilisi. In fact, another cool place to drink here. This is actually wine shop with a twist, as you can sit at one of the outside tables and enjoy your wine there and then, while the owner explains to you everything about your drink.

In summer there’s even live music on the street, with a piano and cello making for a very bohemian and classy atmosphere.


This is one Georgia’s best cafe chain. The cafe located on Leselidze street (aka Kote Apkhazi), next to the Great Synagogue, is the very best in my opinion. The place has lots of natural light, smaller and communal tables, outside sitting and feels very upmarket.

Best Places To Eat in Tbilisi Georgia

To me, Entrée on Leselidze street is one of the best places to eat in Tbilisi.

I recommend it for breakfast, when they serve amazing cakes and pastries and excellent coffee. They also offer proper restaurant meals and have a good selection of French wine. It’s a very clean place and the most of the staff speak good English and Russian.


This is one of the oldest shisha bars in Tbilisi and the very first bar I visited in the city. It’s located on Shardeni street and has many lounge sofas, giving it a relaxing atmosphere. It’s more of a place to have a drink and smoke shisha – call it a shisha lounge, if you prefer.


In a place where most dishes include meat and/or cheese, Cafe Leila stands out for being one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Tbilisi. The restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful, with a very artsy decoration at is colourful and bucolic farmhouse decor.

Where To Eat In Tbilisi Georgia

Leila Cafe is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia.

It’s located on Shavteli street, close to Gabriadze Theatre and also offers outside seating. Prices are on the higher side, but appropriate for the place itself and the food.


This place might seem like a tourist trap, as it is located in the sulphur baths area, popular with tourists. I happened to stop here when I was wandering around and a sudden storm made me look for refuge. I came here and had a drink. As the storm continued, I asked for the menu and decided to eat.

The food variety is quite good, with some creative dishes. My meat soup was absolutely wonderful with lots of interesting flavours. It’s an expensive place for Tbilisi and service could be much better. But the food itself is really worthwhile.


Located right on Freedom Square, Mado is a multi-space cafe and restaurant, serving Turkish and Georgian dishes of very high quality. If you’re not up for a full meal, try one of their delicious ice creams (regular or traditional Turkish), pastries or any of the sweets on display.

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi Georgia

Further inside, there is a restaurant area, where you can have a full meal or one of the many Turkish snacks – all with a nice gourmet twist.

Places To Eat and Drink in Tbilisi: The Map

Have you been to Georgia? What are the best places to eat in Tbilisi, in your opinion?

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  1. Elena (@TravelingBytes)

    I just want to add a couple of my favorite places:
    Respublika Grill Bar (behind Parliament of Georgia) – excellent
    micro brew beers, great grill options; staff speaks English; good wifi. They definitely follow advise of Gordon Ramsay – few items on the menu, but excellent quality;
    Eastern Pearl (in Vake) – the most authentic Chinese we ate outside of China; the chef is actually from China (sorry, do not remember his name); staff speaks enough English to make communication not an issue.
    Bon appétit 🙂

    • Pedro

      Hi Elena, thank you for your tips! I was meant to go to Respublika earlier this month, but it didn’t happen. Eastern Pearl is also a great tip, thank you! 🙂


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