Istiklal Avenue, right downtown Istanbul – or better said, İstiklal Caddesi – is a pulsating artery that connects Taksim Square to trendy Karaköy. Inevitably, I’ll walk up and down this avenue almost every day whenever I’m in Istanbul. This sometimes makes me semi-numb and oblivious as to what’s going on around me.

Turk Alman Kitabevi Cafe Istanbul

Until one day, coming from the Galata Tower area, I looked right and saw this interesting coffee shop called Türk-Alman Kitabevi. It took me a few seconds to realise what the name meant, but as soon as I went in, the coin dropped.

Turk Alman Kitabevi Cafe Istanbul

Turk Alman Kitabevi Cafe IstanbulThis mix of café and bookstore specialises in selling all sorts of books in Turkish and German – hence the name, which means Turkish-German Bookstore.

This place is split into two floors. The ground floor has many tables, a coffee and cake station, where they sell all sorts of espresso-based coffees. There are also dozens of bookshelves with literary works in both languages – German books, German literature translated into Turkish and vice-versa. I could even spot the odd German school books there.

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But if you’re not really interested in either language, you’re better off going upstairs. There are many books for sales as well, but the upper floor is a huge space filled with comfy velvet or leather sofas, a brick fireplace and individual or communal tables. It’s a very cool area to meet friends, work or just enjoy your cappuccino and watch life go by.

I love coming here to just work for a few hours – but I must confess that their lemon cake is a good excuse to stay longer on each visit.

So, after I found this place, I keep walking with my eyes wide open whenever I’m walking around Istiklal. After all, I don’t know when I’ll bump into my next favourite café in Istanbul – or is it my favourite bookstore?

Address: Şahkulu Mahallesi, İstiklal Caddesi, No 237, Beyoğlu, Istanbul (metro station Şişhane)



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