Three cool sunny winter destinations in the Mediterranean are Limassol, Athens and Dubrovnik. These have all the criteria to be considered cities by the sea with beautiful coastlines while they also combine some very interesting cultural features too. Last but definitely not least, they can be enjoyed all year round as they also share the most attractive characteristic of all; incredibly mild winter weather. If you have visited any of these destinations during the summer, you were probably mostly preoccupied with enjoying the wonderful beaches. However, these destinations offer the visitor much more. Visiting during the wintertime opens up a whole other world of exploration possibilities.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Limassol, Cyprus


Lush Limassol, Cyprus

A Cypriot city that is laden with a riveting history dating back to the Ancient times, through the Medieval era, the Venetian ages, the Ottoman Empire and British rule. Each period has left its mark on Limassol,  a little visited sunny winter destination, so it is safe to say that this place is definitely much more than just a Cypriot seaside resort. Of course, its wonderful coast is something you want to observe every day of your stay, so choose a sea view hotel in Limassol to let the beauty of the sea soak your room on a daily basis.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Limassol, Cyprus

For immersing into the history of Limassol that was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, visiting the Medieval fortified castle of Kolossi is a must. An important strategic stronghold during the Middle Ages that is now a museum.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Kolossi Castle, Cyprus

Limassol is also a great starting point for onward exploring; the quaint village of Omodos, for example, where you will be able to see how the rural locals live. They have a long-standing tradition in handwoven crocheting that makes lovely souvenirs.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Cyprus

In terms of surprising wildlife and natural features, Limassol has a salt lake that is the home to thousands of flamingos during the winter months! And speaking of natural beauty, the Troodos mountain range is a beautiful place, with as many as ten villages nestled between its verdant peaks. Be sure to try the sweet Commandaria wine which Richard the Lionheart has himself branded as the ‘wine of Kings’.

Astonishing Athens

Athens is the Greek capital that is often the layover for onward travel to the Greek islands during summer. And during the summer months, this is understandable as the hot summer temperatures are not often enjoyable in a city when some many islands are only a few hours away.

owever, the mild and sunny winter climate of Athens allows for exploring its striking sites and environs. The Acropolis is of course unmissable, located in the heart of downtown Athens; an imposing landmark that counts centuries of existence will create a sense of awe every time you see it.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Athens

You may indulge in Acropolis views from your room at AthensWas hotel in order to start and end your day in most impressive way possible. Saunter around the Acropolis base and discover a numerous amount of tavernas, cafes, restaurants and local fast food places serving delicious Gyros which you must try at least once, with many other ancient monuments scattered around in between more modern buildings and stores. This blend of ancient and contemporary will definitely excite you.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Athens

Athens, however, is not just its centre. The Athenian Riviera is an actual thing, covering about 50 km from Piraeus to Sounio. This coastal route is a beautiful one, offering stunning sea vistas as you pass one area after the other. The Athenian Riviera culminates in the Temple of Poseidon that you should definitely visit just before sunset. The spectacle of this ancient temple and the clifftop location upon which it is built that boasts a staggering view into Aegean sea is simply breathtaking especially at sundown.

Dashing Dubrovnik

Northbound from Greece, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik is a castle-like kingdom by the Adriatic sea. A city that based its wealth on maritime trade, Dubrovnik flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries and became known for its affluence and diplomatic skills. And this shows to this day. Dubrovnik has fairytale kind of charm and this has caught the eye of the Game of Thrones producers that selected it to be the setting for the scenes of King’s Landing.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Dubrovnik

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979 and similar to the aforementioned destinations, it basks in incredibly sunny weather, approximately around 250 days per year. Exploring it over the winter time will help you experience it in a way that resonates with its history more, as there is something more mysterious about walking around its walls during winter months.

Sunny Winter Destinations in the Meditterranean - Dubrovnik

Of course, cruising around the Dalmatian coast between June and October allows you to experience the glory of being at sea, and for giving visitors the impression of the city glory maritime days.

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