Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

During my current trip, which I called #TwPCaucAsia, I had the opportunity to have a full day stopover in Moscow. Yes, Moscow for the day – how does it sound? In fact, it was brilliant, despite the cold. Coming from Tbilisi, in the Georgia (the Cauc bit on my hashtag), I got to the airport and went straight to the famous Red Square. And how surprised was I to find, late January, a Christmas Market on the Red Square.

Red Square Christmas Market, Moscow

Red Square Christmas Market, MoscowI’m a fan of Christmas markets myself, and I’ve been known to travel to Germany just to enjoy them, or even the ones in London. So finding this one in the end of January was a pleasant surprise.

Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

Red Square Christmas Market Moscow Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

But why is this Christmas market still open so late in January, when in the rest of Europe they close before the New Year? The reason for that is that are Russians Orthodox Christians, and the Orthodox celebrate “Christmas” on 6th January. That’s when they have their holidays, and many businesses close for a whole week. And since the Russian winter is not only heavy, but long, it makes sense to keep the market open until later.

Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

The Red Square Christmas market is set around one of Moscow’s largest ice rinks and also has an amusement park for children. The market itself is not so big, considering the vastness of the Red Square. Thank goodness size doesn’t always matter, especially when you are surrounded by the imposing walls of the Kremlin, the colourful St Basil’s Basilica and the G.U.M. shopping centre.

Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

Although quite early in the morning, all stalls were open, so I could have a good cup of coffee and stroll in the snow. This Christmas market is perfect to buy typical Russian souvenirs, like the babushka – those dolls with many others inside.

Red Square Christmas Market Moscow

Red Square Christmas Market MoscowSo, if you’re looking for a different Christmas market experience for this year, why not consider the cute and pleasant Red Square Christmas market? Just make sure you’re warm enough, as temperatures can plummet to -25. :-S

Note: The Red Square Christmas Market 2017 is already open and will close at the end of January.

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  1. Noelle

    This looks beautiful! I can’t believe they had it going even in February.

    Agreed on loving Christmas markets – I’m going to London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland later this month, and travelling to Germany for them!


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