In search of alternative, unexplored destinations which offer experiences that go back to the basics of travelling, we cmome across the rivers of West Africa and the beauty of both the scenic landscapes and the culture that they generously provide to the visitor. A land that is not usually high on the list when considering places to visit, West Africa will surprise most travellers with its diversity. Replace images of endless desertscapes and sand dunes with lush, rich savannas filled ample vegetation.

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

Imagine a place that is unspoilt by mass tourism, and where the local culture exists as an integral part of the region, for visitors to observe and not influence. Some types of travellers would consider this an untapped source of exploration; a playground for wanderlusters who wish to immerse themselves in the purest sense of travelling.

The Scenic Landscapes

Explore the waterways of the West Sudanian Savanna that begin from the Atlantic ocean and enter the heart of Africa’s continent. Cruise the rivers of West Africa and cross a tropical belt of wonderful, untamed landscapes that will will make you feel like you are part of a documentary.

Africa Nature Tropical Tropical Island Island

Africa Nature Tropical Island

Following the paths of two of the water masses of West Africa, the Gambia and the Senegal rivers, will reveal incredibly scenic terrains full of green foliage that hide a number of ecosystems either underwater or on land. Trees, bushes and grasses coexist and often grow down to meet the riverbank, creating dense, jungle-like or steppe landscapes full of mystery. However, as the population grows, these natural environments gradually give way to agricultural expansions that are slowly depleting the natural beauty of the region. All the more reason to visit soon!

The Sensational Wildlife

Harboured in the above mentioned wonderful scenic landscapes are a myriad of creatures that will thrill you at first sight.


Aquatic animals you will come across are manatees, turtles, river dolphins, hippopotamuses as well as crocodiles, while the terrestrial creatures include the west African giraffe, mountain gorilla, bonobo, chimpanzee, elephant, white rhino, forest elephant, bongo, Congo peacock, colobus monkey, lion, buffalo, cheetah and leopard among others.

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

Home to a plethora of rainforest species, West Africa is also full of fishing villages since it has an abundance of fish too, and is also a bird watching destination. The Nikolo-Koba National Park in Senegal has over 300 bird species to observe, and the river Gambia flows straight through it, and other noteworthy parks are the Langue de Barbarie National Park as well as the Djoudj National bird sanctuary.

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

Other Natural Reserves that are of particular interest are Tendaba, Bajul, Abulko and Makasutu.

The Diversity of Culture

Africa is a mixture of tribes and diverse populations that express their culture through arts, crafts, folklore, religion, clothing, cuisine, music, dance and language.


Completely different from the cultures of the western and the eastern world, Africans have subdivided cultural units that differ not only from country to country within the continent, but also from region to region in the same country.

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

The tribal culture is strong through and manifests itself in the values of even the most westernised human settlements. For example, the respect for elders is a very strong trend throughout many countries.

Reasons to cruise the rivers of West Africa

From region to region, the visitor will soon discover the great tapestry of ethnic cultures that adds to the exotic beauty of this continent. Happiness exists in its primal form, away from all the noise of western society, and people make the most of their lives although Africa is one of the most impoverished continents there is.


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