What do you think is my biggest issue taking pictures while travelling? If you’ve checked out my blog more carefully, or even my Instagram account, you certainly know that I like photography – if you haven’t followed me on Instagram just check it out here. Whereas I don’t see myself as a professional photographer, I definitely like to take good photos and do my best for them to look as professional as possible, without having to resort to Photoshop or any heavy-editing software.

Professional Photographer in St Petersburg

One thing I rarely do, however, is to show my face on photos. As a solo traveller, I normally tend to photograph landscapes, landmarks or other people, not myself. Gone are the days I would stop someone on the street and ask to take a picture of me. Taking selfies always result in some badly taken photo where I look like someone else. And where’s my patience to set up the tripod I always carry with me? Probably travelled to the other side of the world!

travel photographer in St Petersburg Russia

My Photo Shoot With a Professional Photographer in St Petersburg

So, on a recent trip to St Petersburg in Russia, a place I’ve been visiting for over a decade, I wanted some professional pictures to keep as nice memories of the city. That’s when I came across Localgrapher, a website with professional travel photographers all over the world, who can take that perfect shot that you had in mind. So if you’re travelling to Disneyland with your family, or on a honeymoon to the Maldives or Bali, you can count on the services of their professional photographers.

Professional Photographer in St Petersburg

I arranged everything online, then agreed on the final details with my photographer Konstantin. I explained to him what I wanted from the session and he suggested Palace Square, one of the most iconic places in the city, home to the famous Hermitage Museum and with some beautiful backdrops.

Professional Photographer in St Petersburg Professional Photographer in St Petersburg

I wanted it to show my own style, as well as convey the blog’s niches, so I took different tops to wear during the shoot. Konstantin managed to capture several local elements and suggested many angles and backgrounds. The whole shoot was very relaxed and he definitely captured the spontaneity of the moment.

Professional Photographer in St Petersburg

So, my tip is that if you’re looking for a professional photographer in St Petersburg or anywhere in the world, just check them out. They offer packages with different duration and number of photos. I received my pictures after a few days by email, all in high resolution and nicely edited.

I couldn’t be happier with the result, so I already intend to repeat the experience in another location in the future.


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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Pedro,

    Loving these shots. Having a pro snap shots makes all the difference. We can only do so much with the selfie bit 😉 As for my rocking 2017 experiences on the road I loved spending time in 2 new lands; Qatar and Myanmar. Cannot be any different on so many levels, from culture to wealth, so each was a neat contrast. Happy 2018!



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