Turkey is a fast growing tourism destination and it is truly a fascinating country. Turkey is packed with natural wonders, historical sites, wonderful beaches, outdoor activities, shopping, and nightlife. So, no wonder all travellers can find several interesting things to do while on holiday in Turkey.



This was the largest cathedral in the world for over thousands of years. The basilica was later converted into a mosque and today it stands as a magnificent example of Byzantine and Islamic art.

Places To Visit In Turkey


Ephesus is one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. This well-preserved archaeological site is the most famous site in Turkey. You can wander through the marble-paved streets enjoying the mosaics and frescoes that decorate the walls of the Roman houses. The Temple of Hadrian, the baths, the Library of Celsus and the Theatre are the other sights you should not miss.


The name ‘Pamukkale’ translates as ‘cotton castle’ and this place just looks like one. The series of small, limestone thermal pools, which run down the mountain look like clouds of cotton. This wonderful World Heritage Site is not only beautiful, but the water in these pools contains minerals that can cure many illnesses.


Places To Visit In Turkey

The spectacular lunar landscape of Cappadocia is awe-inspiring and bewildering. The white volcanic ashes sprinkled over fairy chimneys and the astonishing rock formations remind you of space exploration. Popular for its underground rock-carved cities, churches and Byzantine frescoes, Cappadocia is an irresistible site.


The cruise that starts from Bodrum and ends in the port of Antalya takes you to ancient cities, busy ports, deserted coves and picturesque bays. Do not miss the Kaputas Cove or Patara Beach, which was once chosen as the best beach in the world. You can sail on your own or go with a gullet company.


This small island beach boasts silky smooth pure white sand and hideaway coves. It is a part of an amazing group of islands near Marmaris. There is also a story that this island was the secret paradise of Cleopatra.


Lake Van is surrounded by mountains in the south, plateaus in the east and volcanic cones in the west. The uninhabited islands dotting the lake are connected to the land by small boats’ service. The wilderness and stark beauty of this lake will surely melt away the earthly problems.


The 1200 m strenuous climb to this monastery is surely worth the effort. The building clings to the mountain side and seems to defy gravity. As you enter the complex through a tiny entrance, you will be awed by a sight of churches, chapels and chambers that are carved in the solid rock. Although the colourful frescoes are a bit vandalised, the sight will not be forgotten.

Places To Visit In Turkey


When you think of Turkey, you think of sun and sea, the popular beaches, and the unlimited blue. Turkey has several wonderful beaches with crystalline blue waters and the early morning sea before the breezes get up is quite sublime.


Turkey provides an excellent variety of outdoor activities, like trekking, cycling, horse riding, fishing, mountain biking, camping and caravanning. Kayakers will enjoy riding the white waters of the Coruh River and hikers do not want the meandering trails in the Coruh River Valley to end. This valley smells of orchid and brims with opportunities for outdoor endeavors.

Turkey is a goldmine of fascinating sights and intriguing traditions that will together make your holiday enjoyable, inspiring and unforgettable. The country also abounds with a variety of hotels to suite all tastes and budgets.

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