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Dubai, along with London, New York and Paris, is today one of the best places to eat out. With so many options available, looking for a good restaurant that’s not packed with couples can be quite a task. On my last trip there I had this “problem”. Being spoilt for choice, where should I go?

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant

I chose to go for lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, sister property of the iconic Burj Al Arab and the Emirates Towers, where I once stayed (check out my Emirates Towers review here). As with everything in Dubai, the hotel is huge and has more than ten restaurants and bars. But since I was on my own, I chose Latitude Restaurant, for its casual atmosphere and vast international buffet.

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant

As soon as I arrived, one of the door staff escorted me to the restaurant area and I sat outside, overlooking the tip of Burj Al Arab Hotel. Latitude Restaurant is mainly a buffet restaurant and serves dishes from all over the world, including Lebanese, Chinese, Italian (and other European), Indian, Japanese and many seafood options. Talk about daunting? Well, it can definitely be, when you have so much choice and only a limited stomach space. 🙂

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant

After good ten minutes walking around and deciding what I wanted, I had some servings of oysters, octopus and sushi. The food tasted really good and fresh, and I liked the idea of watching the chefs cook in front of me.

To my surprise, I felt full very quickly, so I only had a couple more servings of Chinese, followed by some dessert.

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant


Even though I wanted something a bit more special that day, I cannot say Latitude Restaurant is the place to eat in Dubai – the hotel itself has better restaurants, offering different experiences. The food was  great, both in terms of options, quantity and quality. The waiters were all inobtrusive – I was left alone when I wanted to be alone – and helpful when I had questions about the food.

The view from the outside balcony was very nice, as I was surrounded by palm trees and had a nice view of Burj Al Arab. The only thing that kind of bothered me was the number of children around. But I guess that’s what happens when you go to a casual restaurant in a massive beach resort. There’s no running away.

Lunch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Latitude Restaurant

The buffets cost me 195AED (approximately 55USD, £35, €50 per person) including soft drinks. Very good value, all and all, especially if you consider you’re at one of Dubai’s best luxury hotels and an iconic place.

In short, I wouldn’t think twice before returning to Latitude Restaurant. But come on, life’s too short, so next time I’ll probably try another of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s restaurants.

DISCLAIMER: I was a full paying customer at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and had no commercial involvement with the property.

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