Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, I think all of us have done it, right? You may not be able to fly around, but on my last trip to Dubai I tried something called iFly Dubai, which will make you feel as if you were flying or, at least, fighting gravity.

Fighting Gravity with iFly Dubai indoor skydiving

Also called indoor skydiving, flying with iFly Dubai is quite similar to a skydiving free fall, except that you’re only a few metres from the ground.

I booked my flying experience on the internet and went to the venue at Mirdif City Center shopping mall. iFly Dubai is located in the Playmania area, very easy to find, and you have to register once you arrive. You also have to sign some terms agreeing not to suit the company, should any accident take place. I found this part quite strange, but you either sign it, or there’s no flying.

Fighting Gravity with iFly Dubai indoor skydiving


Once I got my bracelet, I went upstairs and waited for my instructor, along with the other participants. Before the session, we went into a small room, where he played a short instruction video and answered our questions. Afterwards we got changed into their “gorgeous” protective outfit (above), including glasses, a helmet, and you have the option to were earplugs.


Already wearing our “uniform”, we all went to the flight area. We were always accompanied by our instructor, and each person has two rounds of one minute. You will enter this ginormous tube, probably 50 metres tall, a second person switches on the air, which flows from underneath and makes you float, giving you the sensation of zero gravity.

Fighting Gravity with iFly Dubai indoor skydiving

Our instructor gave us the most amazing flight demonstration, showing his high level of experience. He floated, flew, walked on the wall (literally). There were a few children in my group, some were probably 8 years old, and no one had ever done such a thing. Accompanied by the instructor, who will hold you in the beginning, until you find the right balance, they all flew beautifully. It all looked so easy!

Fighting Gravity with iFly Dubai indoor skydiving

When it was my turn, I went into the tube and my muscles instantly froze. I couldn’t move or relax, so to put it nicely, it was a total disaster. My second attempt was much better, I was much more relaxed and flew for around 30 seconds, but it felt like 30 minutes. The next 30 seconds, he grabbed me by an arm and a leg, and took me to a hight of around 40 metres. Unbelievable! That was a fantastic experience, we went up and down a number of times which made the entire experience worthwhile.


Location: iFly Dubai is located at Mirdif City Centre shopping mall, not far from Dubai International Airport. The best way to get there is by taxi. You can also take the metro and get off at Al Rashidiya station, the last one on the red line, and from there take a cab.

Price: The basic price is 220AED per person, but you can get discounts their website, depending on some criteria.

Photos: You have the opportunity to buy a video and pictures of your flight. The video costs 99AED and the pictures 149AED. I was disappointed with the quality of my video, especially because the camera doesn’t move and won’t show when/if you fly high, like we did.



What about you, have you been on iFly anywhere in the world? Would you ever go skydiving?
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