During my years working in the hospitality industry, one of my tasks as a revenue manager was to ensure we were selling our rooms at the right price, at the right time – yes, I was in charge of the increasing and lowering room prices according to demand. At the time, it was industry standard to make sure the same rate was offered on every single website, from our own hotel site to any online booking site – the so-called OTAs. This would ensure fairness to the guest, but many entities insisted that this was a price-fixing exercise.

That previous work experience had me sceptical when I was approached by Nustay who introduced themselves at a new website that would offer “big discounts” in hotel rooms at over 1.2 million properties. At the time, I was about to book my hotel for an upcoming 3-day stopover in Muscat and, despite my scepticism, I decided to give it a go – it doesn’t hurt checking it out, right?

That’s exactly what I did, so let me show you what I found.

Nustay Hotels Discounts

To check rates with Nustay, I first had to register with the website using my email and sharing my preferences, which me only a few seconds. Then I started looking for hotels. I wanted to compare prices between a few hotels and, on this occasion, I compared a few sites with what Nustay offered me.

My Price Comparison Experience

nustay-somerset-muscat-1a nustay-somerset-muscat-1b

The first hotel I checked was the Somerset Panorama Muscat, a nice 4-star hotel with a swimming pool and a very good location. Also, I had already stayed at some of their Thai properties and it ticked pretty much all of my boxes.

Checking the price on Nustay, they gave me a rate of 85USD per night or 250USD for 3 nights including all taxes for the Deluxe Studio. That price was marked as discounted 64% from the hotel’s regular rate. Of course, my scepticism made me investigate further and I went to another hotel booking site, before checking the hotel own website.

I went to the Hotels.com website and checked the same dates and bingo! – the room rate was 375USD for my 3-night stay, a considerable difference, with Nustay 66% cheaper. That’s not all, though. As I proceeded to the last page, I realised that the rate didn’t include taxes.  After taxes, the same room would bost me 440USD for 3 nights. Well, the initial price was already high. But why don’t all websites specify that taxes are included or not from the very first quote? By the way, that’s an argument I had during all my hotel career: transparency goes a long way. After all, the final price is what really matters, correct? So, for the same room, Nustay was giving me a discount of 76% for 3 nights.

Search result with Hotels.com, pre-taxes and below, after tax.

Search result with Hotels.com, pre-taxes.


I was still hoping to get a more competitive rate on the hotel own website. Surprised was I to see the hotel offering a rate of 442USD for 3 nights?

 What’s the catch? There’s no catch, but to secure such dramatically lower rates, remember that many times they are pre-paid and non-refundable.

To make sure this wasn’t just a one-off, I did another search for my hotels in Dubai and I could still see a good price difference between Nustay (375USD for 3 nights at the Ramada Jumeirah Hotel), the hotel website (414USD for the same 3 nights) and other OTAs (442USD for 3 nights). Occasionally, I did find other websites showing lower prices, but then the tax situation came up, once again, their final prices were higher – to add to the frustration I mentioned before. So always bear in mind that Nustay shows you the final price with everything included.

Now, with my trips planned and my hotels booked, I decided to become one of the #NustayExplorers, so you may hear me talk about how I got some crazy discounts booking with them in the future.

Nustay Hotels Big Discounts

Don’t Miss Out On A Good Deal

Have your credit card ready, because they only give you a set time to book, usually around 15 minutes. So if you just wait to book at a later stage, you may not find out the same deal.

Now that I showed you my experience with my experience with Nustay, I will also share my cheatsheet with you:

  1. Register with Nustay using your preferred email
  2. Complete your profile with your preferences: the more information you give about your travel style, the more relevant the relevant the results will be – and the higher the discounts.
  3. Search for incredible discounts on Nustay and remember that taxes are always included – in case you decide to compare with other websites.
  4. The offers are calculated constantly, so if it takes a bit longer to update the search results, don’t worry, they are just making sure to get you the best results.
  5. Be ready to book, the same deal may not come up again.
  6. Pack your bags and enjoy your trip!

This post was a collaboration with Nustay. But as you already might know, all opinions are my own and the booking experiences and results mentioned are genuine.

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