St Petersburg is known as the Russian window to the West. That “window” faces the Gulf of Finland, in the Baltic Sea, and is a very popular destination for cruise lines from all over the world.

Whilst it is possible to visit the city for 72 hours without a visa when you arrive by ferry, the same doesn’t apply for cruise lines. But whether you have a Russian visa, your country allows you visa-free travel to the country or, indeed, if you arrive in the city by ferry, your arrival point will be the modern St Petersburg Passenger Port, which offers four terminals and is worlds apart from the city’s old cruise terminal.

How To Go From St Petersburg Cruise Terminal To The City

If you arrive in the city by ship and didn’t register on any shore excursions, you can still go ashore, provided you have the documents, as I mentioned above. Going ashore to see the sights of St Petersburg independently can be a bit of a hassle to those not used to travelling independently. On this post, I’ll share with you everything you need to know regarding how to go from St Petersburg Cruise terminal to the city.


St Petersburg Marine Façade is on the city’s outskirts, far from the tourist area. The buildings nearby are either modern glass towers or boring concrete tower blocks from Soviet times. From your ship, you can also see the football stadium built to host the final of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and matches during 2018 World Cup.

How To Go From St Petersburg Cruise Terminal To The City

To leave the terminal and return, you’ll have to make sure you carry your passport and cruise card. This is absolutely compulsory and there’s no way around it, as must show it on the checkpoints to enter and leave the terminal. To get to the city from here, you have a few options:

To get to the city from here, you have a few options:

Bus+Metro (From the Terminal to the City)

Bus 158 stops right outside the cruise terminal and goes around all other terminals. During daytime, it comes roughly every 25 minutes, becoming more infrequent in the evening (see the timetable below). Just jump in and you might be approached by an attendant, who will give you the tickets that cost 40 rubles (USD0.80). If not, you just pay the driver before getting off. Remember that they only accept Russian rubles – no USD accepted.

How To Go From St Petersburg Cruise Terminal To The City

Top: Bus schedule from Marine Façade Cruise Terminal – Bottom: Schedule from near Primorskaya metro station

Bus 158 will take you to Primorskaya metro station and the journey takes around 22 minutes. It is the last station on line M3 (green).

When you get off the bus, walk past the many shops and street vendors to get to the station. You can buy your tokens (45 rubles) on the windows to your right. There are security officers at all metro stations and you may be asked to put your bag through an X-ray machine. After that, just go through the barriers and go down the very long escalators.

You may want to get off at Gostiny Dvor station, right on Nevsky Prospekt (the city’s main avenue), not far from the famous Church of the Spilt Blood and a few minutes’ walk from the Hermitage.

How To Go From St Petersburg Cruise Terminal To The City

Clockwise from top: the area around Primorskaya station; the canal next to the bus stop from the station to the cruise terminal; the bus ticket.

If you want to go to the Moskovsky railway station – for trains to Moscow – get off at Mayakovskaya station and walk for 5 minutes. It is not worth changing to Ploschad Vosstanya metro station – the one right opposite Moskovsky – since the change may take longer than your walk.


You may find this silly, so I’ll just talk about taxis for the sake of it. As you might already know, taxi drivers love to take advantage of tourists and charge you a much higher fare than locals. That’s either by giving you a higher price – if there’s no meter – or by taking a longer route to force you to pay more. My advice? Skip this! Even though you will pay much less than at home, it’s the lack of principle that bothers me.


Another alternative is taking an Uber. Just download their app, register your credit card and request a driver. You’ll get a rough idea of how much your ride will cost and your card will be charged. Uber drivers won’t be able to enter the terminal, so you’ll have to walk to the checkpoint and wait for your driver just outside.

The fare to Primorskaya station starts at 130 rubles. If you want to go to Moskovsky railway station, the fare is currently around 450 rubles depending on traffic.

How To Go From St Petersburg Cruise Terminal To The City

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  1. Peter

    I would definitely use an Uber, and if I decided to take a bus? Well, thank God for Google Translate! 😛

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      Hi Peter! If you took the bus, there’s still no need to speak Russian. But Uber is definitely a good option. 🙂

    • Pedro

      True, Uber is the easiest option, although having to wait for the car outside the gates is a bit of a pain. Thanks for dropping by, Agness!


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