Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, is slowly becoming quite a popular destination, and the city can be reached by different means of transportation. Most travellers, however, arrive in the city by plane. Since I’ve made the journey from the airport in many different ways, I thought it would be helpful to share with you guys how to go from Tbilisi Airport to the city centre.

How to go from Tbilisi Airport to the City Centre


Tbilisi International Airport is located only 17km from the city centre. Despite being Georgia‘s largest airport, it is quite compact. As soon as you enter the terminal, you’ll go through immigration, which is usually quite straightforward. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a small bottle of Georgian wine with your stamp – yes, that’s the Georgian way to say you’re welcome to their country!

The Duty Free area at Tbilisi Airport is only available at the departures gates, so you won’t be able to do much shopping when you land. There is free wifi at the airport, with the cute name of I Love Tbilisi – yes, I do!

Outside the arrivals gate, in the main hall, there are pretty much all the facilities you need. You will find many ATMs and currency exchange offices – euro, US dollar, British pounds, Russian rubbles and Turkish liras are the most popular currencies. On the left, there are a few shops selling SIM cards and on the right there’s a restaurant and cafe. But what you will really notice is that there will be a lot – I mean really A LOT – of people offering to take you home. As most flights into Tbilisi arrive at night or in the early hours, sometimes these people – some official taxi drivers, others just people trying to make some extra money – are the only choice.


In the last couple of years, there’s been an increase in transport choices between the city from the airport, making it more convenient for everyone. But given the inconvenient arrival time of most flights into the Georgian capital, the options for those seeking to use public transport are more limited. So here is how to get from Tbilisi airport to the city centre.

How to go from Tbilisi Airport to the City Centre


With the crowds gathering outside the arrivals gate, it’s hard to find out who is a licensed taxi driver and who just wants to take you for a ride. Having said that, the worst that can happen to you is to pay a bit more for the journey. Taxis in Tbilisi are not metered, so you must negotiate before you get in the car. If you’re going to the city centre (around Rustaveli Avenue, Abanotubani or the Old Town), expect to pay roughly 20USD.


If you want to avoid headaches or just the hassle of haggling the price, you can book your transfer in advance. Your hotel will be happy to arrange a pick-up for you – at a price – or you can also book online. I liked that company so much that I partnered with them – so, if you use this link, I’ll get a small commission and you won’t pay anything more for that.

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You won’t need to look for taxi drivers and you will know your fare in advance. You can either pre-pay in full or pay a small amount when you book and pay the rest to the driver. Sample fares are:

Tbilisi Airport-City Centre: from 15 euros for up to four people and three bags; 36 euros up to 6 people in a minivan.


The cheapest way to travel to Tbilisi from the airport is by bus. They are actually minibuses and not suitable if you’re travelling with a lot of luggage. The yellow minibuses (route 37) stop outside the airport, to the right. They run hourly from 7am to 11pm and stop everywhere along the way. It can take up to 45 minutes to reach Rustaveli station or Freedom Square. It costs only 0.50GEL (0.22USD, 0.20EUR, 0.15GBP).


There is a new and very bling train station serving Tbilisi Airport and conveniently dropping you at the main train station. The frequency, however, is disappointing, since it basically serves airport staff going to and returning from work.

Train Schedule Airport-Tbilisi: 8:45am & 6:05pm.

Please remember that any schedule on this post – and any other post here – is subject to change and I won’t necessarily be able to keep up with their updates. 🙂

So, which way suits you best?


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14 Responses

  1. niyas

    hi i just want to know that from Tbilisi airport to city center public bus will stop near some where central bus station?? or how to reach from airport to central bus station at mid night??

    • Pedro

      Hi Niyas, if you’re arriving at midnight, your only options are either a taxi or a private transfer. As explained on the post, buses stop running at 11pm and only start again at 7am.

      Also, in Tbilisi there’s no such thing at central bus station. Their bus station is a bit far from the city centre. The main reference points in the city centre are Freedom Square (in the very centre of Tbilisi) or Rustaveli station. There’s a train station, but it’s closed at that time of the night.

      • Niyas

        Hi thanks for your reply. And much appreciated for valuable suggiton . And next i have bus from tbilisi to batumi at 2 am in the morning. I knew that from the airport after midnight have bus every 30 minutes to city center. I just want to know that bus will help for u to reach that bus station at midnight.

  2. joshy


    This site is very informative. Please advice the area to be stayed while in Tbilisi,from where we can easily access to all tourist destination.


  3. Aomamm

    This id very helpful article. I am planning to visit Georgia this April. The transportation in this country is quite pricey for solo traveler like me, ..no choice.

    • Pedro

      Hi Aomamm, only airport transport is more expensive. You can travel almost everywhere around the country by public transport. The cheapest is the so-called “marshrutka”, a mini-bus that locals use to travel around and costs between 8 and 20 lari, depending on the destination.

  4. Ahmed Ali

    Hey mate good day!
    I’m planning in feb 2018 for 1 week can you guide me which place is good to book hotel ?
    Because I need to explore the city by walk and one more thing what is the status of night life because I’m not a morning person!

    • Pedro

      Hi Ahmed, how are you? Check out this link, where I show some of the best places to stay in Tbilisi. All those hotels are at walking distance from the main attractions. As for night life, there’s plenty to do. Many bars and restaurants are opened 24 hours and there are a few discos, if that’s what you’re looking for.


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