Since a very early age, I’ve been talking about one day visiting the Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Year after year, I travelled, I went to Brazil, I went to Argentina, but never managed to include the famous falls on my itinerary. To make things worse, a lot of my friends visited them before me, took stunning photos and I couldn’t help getting a tad bit jealous. One of them even had a helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls. What else would one want?

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguazu Falls

Finally, I had the chance to visit the Falls n 2016. That was not only a dream come true, but it was also a matter of honour and personal pride! So much so, that I made sure I saw the giant waterfalls in different ways: on foot following the wooden trails, by boat and by helicopter.

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I boarded my panoramic helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side, near the entrance to the “Parque Nacional das Cataratas”. I flew with Helisul, one of the most important air taxi companies in the country. Their building is right opposite “Parque das Aves” (bird park, not to be confused with the Bird Park on the Argentinean side) and they offer free wifi while you wait.

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguassu Falls

I flew in a four-passenger helicopter – one next to the pilot and three on the backseat. However, we were only three passengers on my flight and I took the right-hand side window.

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguazu Falls

As soon as we took off, we could already have an idea of how big the combined national parks on the Argentinean and Brazilian sides is. In just a few minutes, we were already flying over the Iguazu Falls, which are considered one of the natural wonders of the world. It was hard not to be impressed by the grandiosity of the waterfalls and I could even see the wooden pathway that takes visitors on the Argentine side very close to the falls, as well as the grand Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, on the Brazilian side.

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguazu Falls

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguazu FallsAlthough the entire flight lasts around ten minutes, we flew over the Falls for about five minutes. It may seem very little but, believe me, it was such an amazing experience, that it felt just right.

At the end of the flight, I decided to buy the pictures they took before my take-off and after landing. They cost around 25USD, including a memory card with digital copies and some other generic photos of the waterfalls.

A Helicopter Flight Over Iguassu Falls

Without a doubt, this helicopter flight was the climax of my trip to the Iguazu Falls. After all, it’s not every day that I (we) can fly over one of the greatest waterfalls in the world.

To book your helicopter flight over Iguassu Falls, call: +55 45 3529-7474 or book directly with our partners.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Helisul for hosting me on this fantastic tour.

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9 Responses

  1. Mindi Hirsch

    What an awesome life experience to do a helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls. The views look breathtaking – especially the rainbow that you caught. I will want to do this too when my travels take me to South America.

  2. Rob

    We visited Argentina a few years ago but never made it up to Iguaza Falls, something that we plan remedy later this year. I did not know there were helicopter rides to view the falls, this is something my son and I would really enjoy. Although i think we would do what you did and see the falls on foot as well.

    • Pedro

      Hi Rob, that was my first ever helicopter ride and seeing the Falls from above was a great experience. But I agree, you should see them on foot, as well.

  3. Megan Jerrard

    This looks incredible! I’ve always wanted to experience Iguazu Falls, but never thought about taking a helicopter ride! On paper 5 minutes does sound like a pretty short amount of time, but I’ve been on other helicopter rides over spectacular natural attractions and you’re right – even for 5 minutes it’s the most incredible experience! Great idea buying the photos from before and after the flight 🙂

  4. Travelwith2ofus

    Iguazu Falls has been on my places to visit list for many years now so I am thrilled you shared your experience with us. It looks like a helicopter ride over Iguazu Falls is the ideal way to see it. Now I am jealous. 🙁

  5. mags

    I’ve always wanted to do a helicopter ride and never had the opportunity. This looks like the best place to change that! Now I just have to get to Brazil.

  6. Karin

    Seeing those amazing falls from a helicopter must have really been a great experience. I’m jealous! 🙂


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