Today I have some great news I’d like to share with you. This blog, Travel with Pedro, has been selected by the Ministry of Tourism of India as one of the top UK travel blogs to take part in The Great Indian Blog Train campaign.

Great Indian Train Journeys

Visiting the Taj Mahal, completing the Seven Wonders of the World

Great Indian Train Journeys

The Great Indian Blog Train is a campaign involving 60 bloggers from all over the world, who will travel for one week on four of India’s most luxurious trains – some of which are among the best luxury trains in the world. I will be travelling on the Deccan Odyssey, departing on the Marahastra Splendor route, departing from Mumbai. This luxury train journey has a similar structure as cruise ships, so we will be travelling at night and every morning we will explore a new destination.

Great Indian Train Journeys

Marahastra Splendor route departs from Mumbai and first stops at the Holy City of Nashik, also known for its vineyards. Next, we will visit the Ellora Caves, a UNESCO world heritage site near the industrial city of Aurangabad. The city itself is an attraction, with most houses showcasing Mughal architecture influences. The next World Heritage Site is the Ajanta Caves, with a collection of 30 rock-hewn caves considered an architectural marvel at the time they were carved.

Great Indian Train Journeys

Next, after a day in Kolhapur, where we will visit the New Palace Museum, the Town Hall Museum and explore some local markets, we will head to Goa. Ah, Goa! India’s smallest state still preserves a lot of its Portuguese heritage and we will visit a 400-year old authentic Portuguese house. I just hope we will have some time left to hit Goa’s famous beaches, popular with locals and tourists from the UK and all over the world.

Before returning to Mumbai, we will spend the day in Sindhuburg, lying on a rocky island off the coast of Malvan.

The Great Indian Blog Train - Deccan Odyssey

The other trains taking part in The Great Indian Blog Train campaign are The Golden Chariot, Maharaja’s Express and Palace On Wheels.

Being a huge fan of cruise ships, I am looking forward to my first luxury train journey and the adventure that will come with it all. India is one of those countries that it’s difficult to “manage”, given the huge extension of its territory and the complexity of its various cultures.

The Great Indian Blog Train - Deccan Odyssey Kerala Blog Express

This will be my second time visiting the country: my first time was in 2015, when I was selected as one of the participants of the Kerala Blog Express, a campaign promoted by India’s southernmost state. On that trip, we were able to visit several cities, towns and villages, exploring the culture, the cuisine, the region’s many tea plantations and beaches.

The Great Indian Blog Train - Deccan Odyssey

The Holy City of Varanasi

On that same occasion, I had the chance to visit the most famous cities and landmarks in the country, including the Holy City of Varanasi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur and the beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Kerala Blog Express

Sunset in Kochi, Kerala

Follow my journey from 10th February on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #TwPAsia2018 and #TwPIndianTrain.

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