Moscow is one of those cities that offer a plethora of attractions and activities. Once you’ve already covered the most famous of them, namely the Kremlin and its cathedrals, the one thing you should do before exploring the rest of the city, is a day or evening cruise on the Moskva River, Moscow’s main river and one of the city’s most underrated attractions.

I was strolling by the river, when it hit me that I had never been on a river cruise in Moscow, despite visiting the city several times. I should have probably done it on my first trip to the city. Moscow is such a giant metropolis and I realised that, if I had taken a Moskva River cruise on my first trips, I would have got my bearings much quicker.

Evening Cruise on Moskva River Moscow

A curious fact: the city of Moscow is named after the river. In Russian, the city and the river name are the same, Moskva. 🙂


I boarded my boat on the pier next to Gorky Park, where Moscovites spend their weekends having a picnic, jogging or simply taking selfies in the gardens. At first, I was in doubt whether I should take the day or evening cruise, but I opted for the latter, since I enjoy the city lights and night-time photography. Having said that, I have to excuse myself for the quality of these photos – the low light and the boat movement didn’t help.

After boarding my Radisson Royal river cruise, we started sailing towards the city’s main sites. The boat itself has two decks. The lower deck is where you have the restaurant and bar and it was popular with families with children.

Evening Cruise Moskva River

I didn’t feel like having dinner, so I decided to stay upstairs to enjoy the views of the city calmly. Even though it was late August, it was chilly in the evening, but the boat provides blankets free of charge.

We soon sailed past the famous Tetriyakova Gallery, where you can see modern art exhibitions. Some of the places we sailed past were completely unknown to me, but it was interesting to see the Russians taking pictures when we passed by an old chocolate factory and other buildings I was totally unaware of.

Evening Cruise on Moskva River Moscow

At night, most bridges are lit with colourful lights

Without a doubt, one of the highlights was when the boat sailed by the Kremlin. We could appreciate the high walls, some of the cathedrals with their onion-shaped golden domes and some of the Kremlin towers.

Evening Cruise on Moskva River Moscow

Sailing past the Kremlin

We then returned to the same pier and saw the same places again, which was good for more pictures. At night, the bridges over Moskva River are lit with colourful lights, making it even more interesting for photography.

Evening Cruise Moskva River

My cruise on the Moskva River took 1.5 hours, but there are also 2.5-hour cruises available, with prices around 28USD per person. Dinner is paid separately.

Check availability for the cruise right here. 🙂

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