Most people will know that Thai food is one of the best in the world. But not everyone knows that, on the streets of Bangkok, you will find some unusual snacks that your mum wouldn’t be impressed to see you eat. Think about this call “How are you enjoying Thailand, what are you eating for dinner?” “Hi mum, today I’m eating scary bugs in Thailand”. That definitely wouldn’t go down well!

Eating Scary Bugs in Thailand

Before my trip to Bangkok, I was looking forward to trying these bugs, some of which are served in a stick. So I went to Khao San Road, very popular with backpackers, and with one of the best street food scenes in the whole of Bangkok. Needless to say, that also includes the sorts you can imagine. What about eating same tasting grasshopper, mouth watering water bug, or a crunchy scorpion?

Then check out my video below, doing just that.

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The truth is that they don’t taste bad at all! Once you get over the fact it is a scorpion, it’s poisonous and looks scary, you’ll be fine. The seller will remove the sting and put the scorpion in a stick with lots of seasoning. It tastes just like crab, with rich, salty seasoning, and it’s very crunchy at first. After a while, it gets chewy. Would I eat it again? Well, the following day I ended up bumping into a Brazilian TV crew and at it again, this time followed by a water bug.


What about you, what’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? 🙂

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10 Responses

  1. Natalie

    I just hardly have words for this!! LOL! It looks like I would have a hard time even getting it to my lips. But…when in Rome, right? I think the kids would think it is the coolest thing!! Talk about having stories to tell when you get home!! Love it!!

  2. Karen Forgy

    Oh my gosh! I could never eat a scorpion and was just me or was that sucker huge???? What are the feeding them bugs over there? LMAO! It really is amazing how different the foods are in different countries.


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