A detox holiday in Greece is an easily achievable goal. Greece is one of those countries that should always be considered a top choice for any type of holiday, as it is a destination that is able of offering a number of experiences to its visitors, and detoxing is one of them. Here are some inherent characteristics that make Greece a popular detox holiday destination.

First of all, its most overwhelming advantage is that Greece boasts an enviable, mild Mediterranean climate that allows for a very long summery holiday season, from May to October. Secondly, it has stunning locations that either provide such incredible visuals that alone are enough to fill your soul with a sense of bliss, or have healing capacities that are perfectly aligned to detoxing.

Detox Holidays in Greece

On a third count, Greek gastronomy is renowned for its nutritional goodness, which is also a key element of detox. If you are looking for combining detox with holidaying on your next trip, consider the following Greek destinations.

Detox in Santorini

Santorini is an island that needs no introduction. One of the most popular Cycladic islands, it is mostly known for its staggering volcanic terrain and the Caldera precipice, the clifftop settlements of Fira and Oia as well as its amazing sunsets and colourful beaches.

Detox Holidays in Greece

Introducing the serene area of Imerovigli, that is often called the ‘balcony to the Aegean’, set between the aforementioned Fira and Oia villages is the perfect setting for a fully recharging detox holiday in Santorini. Nestled there, you will find a holistic wellness resort beyond comprehension. A place that is soaked in jaw-dropping vistas and will accommodate you in luxury pool suites in addition to a specially designed spa with hammam area that offers therapeutic relaxation treatments, spa therapies and detox meals that are uniquely tailor-made to match guests’ needs. Its fascinating facilities also include a vitamin bar, a fitness centre and a splendid restaurant offering delectable and nutritionally balanced food, coupled with spectacular sunset views.

Detox Holidays in Greece

Detox in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is less known Greek destination for foreigners, although the Greeks consider it an all-time favourite alternative, non-island destination. This peninsula in the northern part of Greece, near the second largest city, Thessaloniki, is made up of three ‘feet’ which essentially render it very island-like providing a large coast made up of idyllic beaches. What makes the first ‘foot’ of Kassandra an ideal place for a detox holiday is the beneficial thermal springs & wellness resort in Halkidiki.

Detox Holidays in Greece Detox Holidays in Greece

Like a mirage of wellness situated on a seafront location, its Myrthia thermal spa is dedicated to bringing the power and nutrients of water, both thermal and sea, to its guests. With a plethora of wide-ranging spa treatments and other wellness-related activities, as well as numerous options for exploring the great outdoors, your stay here is detox guaranteed.

Detox Holidays in Greece

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    If you are going to do a detox, you could hardly do worse than heading off to Santorini … amazing resorts on that island!


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