Greece is the ultimate summer classic. With over 200 islands to choose from, apart from its diverse yet equally intricate mainland, making an itinerary can become a predicament for many. If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Greece, I’ll make it as simple as possible, looking at three key experiences that Greece can generously offer: culture immersion, alternating between recreation and relaxation, and of course incredible food. And there are three destinations that you can discover the best of each of these, plus more.


Best Places To Visit in Greece

Ancient Culture in Athens

Undoubtedly the greatest hub of ancient culture is to be found in Greece’s capital. Under the shadow of the imposing Acropolis rock, lie a myriad of treasures to be discovered and explored. The Temple of Olympian Zeus that lies beyond Hadrian’s Arch can be your starting point. A scenic walk up the elegant Dionysiou Aeropagitou street that offers striking views of the Acropolis and Parthenon will take you around the most picturesque spots.

Best Places To Visit in Greece

The impressive Odeon of Herodion Atticus is located directly below the rock and often hosts a variety of musical and theatrical performances that are definitely worth looking into as the aura of this ancient theatre is positively enthralling.

Best Places To Visit in Greece

On my last trip, I stayed in one of Athens’s most sought after districts, indulging in Acropolis balcony views from my cool designer room, and soaking up the ancient vibes from the comfort of my holiday quarters. In addition, you can visit the new Acropolis Museum as well as the Ancient Agora, while the Anafiotika area at night will enchant you with its island feel architecture and cobblestone staircase pathways.




Island Recreation and Relaxation in Paros

The island breeze is calling you! Your first stop should be the stunning Cycladic destination of Paros; a laid back destination that hides both amazing recreational potential in terms of activities as well as a vibrant nightlife. The Cyclades notoriously enjoy exhilarating sea breezes that are perfect for water activities: surf, wind surf, kite surf, wakeboarding and water skiing are very popular. They, of course, require some level of skill; however, there are relevant schools that can teach you the basics before you start to splash around by yourself.

Best Places To Visit in Greece

If you prefer something less intense, then there are jet skis, water inflatables and water bike pedals that offer a more leisurely side to water fun.

Best Places To Visit in Greece

At nightfall, the quaint port town of Naoussa promises entertainment well into the morning hours with numerous bars and clubs located around a central square. You will want to stay somewhere where you can also surrender to deep relaxation in the in between, enjoying luxury accommodation in Paros complete with wonderful views to indulge in and high-quality facilities such as a spa and a sensational pool.

Incredible Cretan Gastronomy

Crete is infamously known for its exceptional levels of hospitality which is an inherent part of the Greek mentality however it is even more so evident with the Cretans. And this hospitality is, of course, manifested in its local gastronomy as well as its inviting towns. Crete is one of the most autonomous islands, and is definitely the largest in Greece, and this is why it is often considered as a stand alone destination.

The vastness of Crete offers the visitor so much choice in terms of tourist options and Chania is one of those places that combines a handful of factors, making it simply irresistible for travellers. Apart from the mouth watering food you will be able to taste, made from only the finest local ingredients, the downtown part of Chania is a gorgeous port full of colours and sounds. Sauntering around will reveal many alluring visuals that will remain etched in your mind, creating a sense timelessness to which you will want to return again.

Best Places To Visit in Greece Best Places To Visit in Greece

Staying in a downtown location in Chania  means you can also enjoy upscale amenities, combining pleasure indoors and out! Chania is also close to a number of stunning beaches like Souda, Agioi Apostoloi, Agia Marina as well as Loutraki that offers a surprising, lawn paved beach bar experience.

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