On my last trip to Morocco, I had a return flight back to London from neighbouring Gibraltar. Making my way up north and crossing the Mediterranean, despite long, was easy and cheap. Most travellers leave Morocco to Spain and Gibraltar via the city of Tanger. But as I gave it a miss, and here I share with you, step by step, how to travel from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain, using bus and ferries.


The duration of this journey will depend on how lucky you are with your bus, cab and ferry connections. If you’re not stopping in Ceuta, I recommend you set aside a full day from morning to evening. If you intend to explore this Spanish exclave in North Africa, then two days should be enough: roughly one on the move, and a day to get to know the place.

how to travel from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain

Leaving Morocco To Spain

From Tetouan, the journey starts with a 45-minute bus journey to the town of Fnideq, that costs 7 dirhams, (£0.55, €0.65, USD0.85). Fnideq is right on the border with Ceuta. It is an understated coastal town with a busy market near the bus station and nice quiet beaches. At the bus station you must take a cab to the border. It will cost you between 10 and 30 dirhams (£0.75-£2.25, €1-€3, USD1.20-3.60) depending on your haggling skills, and it’s only a 5-minute drive.

On the Moroccan side of the border you will see four windows on your left, some for locals, others for foreigners. On the day I crossed there were only two officers serving all nationalities. There will be some locals offering you a departure card, so just bear in mind this is how they make their livelihood, and they expect a tip for the “help”.

how to travel from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain

The long lines at the Morocco-Ceuta border.

TIP: The departure card is the same as the landing card, so get an extra one when you land, to save you time and hassle.

Hand in your departure card with your passport and you should have it back in a couple of minutes. After that, walk along the queue of cars and get to the Spanish border control. There is a security check which was unused when I crossed, but it may have been a one-off.

how to go from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain

Don’t be fooled. There are high fences separating Ceuta and Morocco.

FACT: This route is very popular with drug carriers trying to take hashish to Spain, so you may be invited for a random check.

As usual, hand in your passport to the Spanish officer and you should have it back in no time – that is, if you’re an EU citizen or don’t need a visa.

NOTE: If you are not an EU citizen and or do not come from a country that benefits from visa-free travel to the EU, you must have a valid visa, issued by the Spanish consulate in your country.

Arriving In Ceuta & Taking The Ferry to Spain Mainland

Now just walk along the path and take the bus to the city centre. If you’re not spending time in Ceuta you must get off at Plaza de Africa and from there you may walk 10 minutes to the port or take a cab.

how to go from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain

Arriving in Ceuta

On your way to the port you will see a number of outlets and other tax free shops. There’s a petrol station just by the entrance to the maritime station where you can buy newspapers and magazines. There are no left luggage facilities, free wi-fi or newsstands at the maritime station. There are two bars/cafés where you can have a bite to eat, a small souvenir shop and information desk – which closes at 2pm on Sundays.

If you haven’t bought your ferry ticket, there are a number of companies doing the crossing, which takes around one hour and costs €32 one way (£27.50, USD43). At the time I travelled the ferry company Acciona had a special of €9.60 (£8.60, USD13.50). If you’re under 26 years old you will get a reduction. You may want to buy your ticket in advance, though.

how to go from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain

The ferry terminal in Ceuta

WARNING: Do watch your belongings very closely at all times on the ferry, as thieves operate on this route – I had my small rucksack robbed, whilst buying some coffee, for example.

In Spain And Gibraltar

If your journey ends in Algeciras, enjoy the rest of your trip. If you’re continuing to Gibraltar, you may walk 10 minutes to the bus station or take a taxi. You must take the bus to La Linea – the Spanish town that borders Gibraltar – which normally leaves from platform 13. It’s a 45-minute trip and from La Linea’s bus station you may again walk to the border or take a taxi.

Crossing this border in your own vehicle or a taxi may be an unnecessarily lengthy process, as relations between Spain and Gibraltar have always been shaky. You will have to show your passport and may have your car checked. Crossing on foot is your best bet. Buses run from just outside Gibraltar’s border control to the main street, which is curiously called Main Street. 🙂

Gibraltar International Airport is right by the border, and you may just walk.

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17 Responses

  1. Agness Walewinder

    Great journey Pedro. Morocco and Gibraltar are pretty cheap. I've been to Gibraltar with my friends 3 years ago. I went for a car rental and had an amazing time!

    • Pedro

      Hi Agness! Yes, it was an interesting journey. It&#39;d have been much better if I hadn&#39;t had my bag with laptop stolen on the ferry, but… :-(<br /><br />I&#39;ll soon be writing a post about Gibraltar, so stay tuned! 😀

  2. John Miller

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  3. Ren

    Hi, I wanna know how is the process for non-EU passport holders. i’m from the Philippines. I hope you can help me with this. I also love travelling with my french boyfriend but it will be our first time to try crossing boarders. Comments will be much appreciated! Thanks!

    • Pedro (The Author)

      Hi Ren, it all depends whether, you have a visa or not. As long as you have a valid Schengen visa, which should be obtained in advance, the process should be quite smooth.

  4. Mrs Muriel Goetham

    Good Day
    I was in Spain through the month of Oct2015 and also in Portubanus. At the hotel was a broucher about how to get to Gebraltar.
    As i am from South Africa was not so sure what visa was required.
    Can you please explain to me what the requirements are as i am interested to see that as i go to Morocco in the future.

    Thanking you.
    Mrs ML Goetham

  5. Shamsher Chowdhury

    I am planning to rent a car in Morocco and cross over to Spain by ferry. Is there any special requirements for any restrictions on car rentals in Morocco to enter Spain?

    • Pedro

      Hi Shamsher, I travelled as a foot passenger, so I’m not aware on how to do it by car. Your best bet is contacting the car rental companies and discuss it with them.

      Have a great trip!

  6. zakari

    hi pedro, what about traveling from any other part of africa with your passport through spanish border will there be any restrictions to enter spain and near by countries???

    • Pedro

      Hi Zakari, as long as you have the Schengen visa, enough funds and accommodation booked, you’ll be fine. My recommendation is that you call the Spanish Consulate in your country and explain your circumstances.

  7. Ernest Apraku

    I am a non EU citizen. I am from Ghana and a graduate from the university. I wish to apply for my master degree in Spain. so what process must I go through before I get to Spain?.

  8. Mrs M Goetham

    Hi Pedro

    If i should come to Morocco What documents should i need to enter.
    I am still planning may be nest year as i am going to Europe again in Dec2017. I will thus apply for the British and Schengen visa not sure about Morocco.

  9. Alpha Kanu

    hi am from sierraleone,westafrica planing to go in spain,and searching for jobs am a student and i dont have parents,but i only have my passport and national id card,i need your advice,i hope to get a good relply from you.Thank You.

  10. Abraham

    I m an italian do i need passport to enter gibraltar.,
    i heared about an eu id is valid to enter gibraltar….??

    • Pedro

      Hi Abraham, unfortunately I’m not sure if the ID is accepted. To be on the safe side, bring your passport!


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