London and really the whole of the UK are often advertised as fairly straightforward vacation destinations. That isn’t to say there isn’t much going on—in fact, quite the contrary! Rather, it’s just that many of the top-rated attractions in the area can be experienced simply by way of sightseeing and tours. It’s a part of the world filled with incredible sights and spectacles, and a lot of it can be enjoyed fairly casually (and affordably).

However, for those who like a more high-end spark to their vacations, there are also plenty of luxury attractions to enjoy in London and in the surrounding areas. To start to give you an idea of some of the things you might enjoy, here are five particularly interesting options.

Luxury Attractions In Around London


You can find famous establishments and Michelin-starred restaurants in many of the world’s major cities, but London has become particularly renowned for its cuisine. This wasn’t always the case — some people around the world openly mock the UK in general for bland food — but in the past decade or two, London has really been put on the map as a favourite city for foodies. The selection of Michelin-starred restaurants in town quite literally includes dozens of options, with cuisines ranging from Chinese to traditional French. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, though the favourite for a lot of travellers is bound to be Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, the flagship location for arguably the world’s most famous chef and restaurateur.


If you’re not familiar with how the UK does major horse races, this may initially sound a little bit less than glamorous. And to be sure, there’s still a competitive side and rustic flavour to most of these events. To begin with, most of the major events involve a much higher level of betting activity than your average sporting event.

As evidenced here, regarding the Grand National (the most recent major race at the time of this writing), there are constantly updated tips and previews regarding the competitors, and racegoers often indulge in the hopes of big payouts. But betting aside, these races also have luxurious sides to them in an atmospheric sense. Fans dress up in suits and dresses, sip champagne on the sidelines, and enjoy fine dining with window views of the tracks. Of the country’s major races, the Royal Ascot, which is held annually just outside of London, is probably considered by most to be the most high-end.

Luxury Attractions In Around London


The London Eye — or, as you may know it, the towering ferris wheel that sits on the edge of the River Thames and circles passengers up over the city—has a variety of different ride options, from simple passenger experiences to more luxurious rides. There’s nothing overly extravagant, but the chance to do a champagne tasting in a glass compartment hovering above one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world is pretty tough to beat. Yes, it feels a little bit touristy, but it’s a delightful experience that actually doesn’t cost you too much money.


England has more interesting coastal towns and beach areas than a lot of international travellers realise, and one of the most accessible of the bunch is Brighton. Located on the southern end of the island just a short drive from London, it’s a popular destination for day trips away from the city, and a beautiful resort town. Brighton’s best hotels include several four-star options with coastal views and cozy rooms perfect for a brief, indulgent getaway.


You don’t have to be an automobile fanatic to appreciate the beauty and history of a Rolls-Royce. Long recognised as one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring cars on the planet, Rolls-Royce started off in England and retains a distinctly British feel. Thus, there aren’t many better ways to enjoy London or the surrounding areas than riding through in a Rolls-Royce. According to this list of luxury activities in the city, renting one of these beautiful cars, along with your own driver, is an option for interested travellers.

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