Follow my blog with Bloglovin Dubai, along with London, New York and Paris, is today one of the best places to eat out. With so many options available, looking for a good restaurant that’s not packed with couples can be quite a task. On my last trip there I had this “problem”. Being spoilt for […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin People keep asking me why I’m always travelling to the Republic of Georgia. Did I find love there? A business partner? Did I lose my adventurous spirit and found there a comfort zone? The truth is that there are many reasons to travel to Georgia. While I can’t rationally explain why I […]

Late summer? Yes, it’s scary to think that summer’s been here for a while, don’t you think? I hope you’re enjoying the sun wherever you are because, so far, I haven’t been short of sun – and a lot of it! In pursue of more hot weather while it lasts, and some diverse experiences, I’d […]

On my last trip to Buenos Aires, I stayed at a number of hotels, ranging from good to absolutely highest standard, just for the sake of trying them out. In general, I went for modern hotels, which I prefer. However, after finding a good rate on the internet, I saw myself booked at the Alvear Palace, the […]